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Issue 30 | May 2019 |  www.schoolsICT.co.uk

  Website Special Issue  

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A message from Schools ICT

If you have a Web Presence Builder website from Schools ICT don’t worry – Your website is perfectly safe in our hands and will still work as well as it has for many years to come.

The truth is that Web Presence Builder is no longer being developed, BUT all existing features will work perfectly and your website will continue to serve you well. You will be able to add content and images and do everything you need. So please don’t panic.

But technology moves on and it is a good time to think about moving forward.

The Options

Over the last year Schools ICT has been looking at replacement options. We love WordPress and Joomla and have adopted these as our new favourite products.

WordPress or Joomla will do everything that Web Presence Builder did but in a much better way. It also offers lots of modern snappy design features that we know you have been asking for.

... and it won’t cost you thousands of pounds to change

sleightsIf you are on our managed service SLA then we have a special upgrade price of £550. For this price we will migrate all your content and mirror the existing design.

But if you would like a brand new site with new graphics and design we only charge £810. This includes a full year of managed service support or training you to manage your own website.


Have a look for yourself

nawtonWe have worked with a number of pilot schools to see how easy it is to migrate your website to WordPress or Joomla. It’s quite straightforward but just takes a bit of time for consultation. We’ll guide you through the whole process.

If you want to know more then have a look at our recently built sites with flash modern designs.

We loved it so much we built our own website using joomla https://schoolsict.co.uk

Further Information

So please don’t feel you need to rush into a decision. Call Schools ICT to discuss the options and the best way forward. As always we’ll give you an honest answer. 

Phone: 01609 536086 - Option 1 - ask for the Cirrus Team

Email: cirrus@schoolsict.co.uk 



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