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Frequently asked questions about our training and events service.

Please note: The information referred to here has been produced by Schools ICT for the use of its own technical staff. You are, of course, welcome to make full use of it, but please be aware that the format is not necessarily tailored to your specific use.

In addition, whilst every effort is made to ensure the information is accurate and up to date, these are working documents and subject to amendment in the light of experience. We cannot therefore offer any guarantees as to accuracy nor can we accept any liability arising from their use.

Should you find any errors or have any queries, please contact Schools ICT Customer Service: 01609 536 086

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Groupcall Xporter is a small piece of software that is able to run as a service on your office PC or server and automatically extract and return MIS data to North Yorkshire County Council on a scheduled basis. The information is sent back to North Yorkshire County Council using the Anycomms software that is already installed in every school and used to send School Census and other returns securely. Currently Groupcall Xporter is just scheduled to send in automatically the monthly Centris return on the first Thursday of every month. This was a return that schools used to have to do manually every month. In the future it may be possible to use Groupcall Exporter to automate other data returns.

Schools connected to the North Yorkshire County Council’s internet access will have a Smoothwall box installed. This can be managed by North Yorkshire, Schools ICT or the school themselves if requested.

With a Smoothwall box installed a school can have an individual filter and security policy that is tailored to their exact requirements. The Smoothwall box includes a firewall, web content filtering and Anti-Malware in a single integrated package.

Schools ICT have been working closely with NYCC schools to eliminate the instances of computer virus infection that are on the increase worldwide. Schools ICT have for a number of years provided protection through Sophos anti-virus software.

Anycomms is a small piece of software used for the secure transfer of pupil and financial data to and from North Yorkshire County Council. It requires some initial configuration at the schools side but can then be operated very simply for a multitude of purposes with no additional alterations. Most of you should be familiar with the software for either sending returns such as Centris or School Census, or for downloading Finance information such as BAFS or Oracle prints.

OneDrive is a cloud storage solution provided by Microsoft and is included in Office 365. If you are using OneDrive within school, you will be entitled to 1TB of personal storage. OneDrive can be thought of as a personal USB stick that you can access anywhere on any device.

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