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  • Does your school have a Microsoft Volume Licence Agreement, such as an Enrolment for Education Solutions (EES) Agreement?

     If so, your staff and students can get free access to Microsoft Office 365 for personal use.

  • What is Office Online?

    Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote that you can use directly from within a web browser. No need to install any software. Use on any device that has a web browser, be that a an iPAD, and Andoid tablet or phone, or a Windows device.Just log into Office 365 and off you go. As easy as that. And it is all available for free with your school's Office 365 subscription.

  • Turn a slide presentation into a video recording that has narration. You record the presentation in PowerPoint 2016 and then share it with your audience, who can watch it as a PowerPoint Show or as a video. Some educators use recorded lessons as part of a 'flipped classroom'.