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  • SIMS Assessment – Secondary – KS4 Resources

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    This course has been designed to familiarise users with the new KS4 Assessment resources available within SIMS.

    To respond to the rapid changes occurring in national assessment, additional Key Stage 4 assessment resources are now available within SIMS. These resources enable you to calculate headline figures for internal assessments, whilst enabling you to identify students who are underachieving in any of the main key groups.

  • SIMS Staff Performance

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    Staff Performance - gaining an understanding of the new staff performance functionality so that staff are always involved in their own professional development.

    This module enables you to use your SIMS database for all your Staff Performance needs. It simplifies the performance management of all school staff and engages staff in their own development.

  • So You Want To Work From Home...Or From The Beach, Or The Train, or Anywhere.

    Modern technology means that you are no longer tied to the office when it comes to doing your work. That is assuming your work involves sitting at a computer, writing documents, updating databases, sending e-mails and the like. If you're a lion tamer then, well, maybe not so much use. But let’s assume you fall into the former category, and you'd like to know what you can do at your school to be able to work remotely; from home, from the beach, the train or anywhere.