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Improving your choices - MIS & FAS

The current Management Information System (MIS) contract and Financial Accounting System (FAS) contract for North Yorkshire schools are coming up for renewal in April 2017.  In response to requests from schools we have been looking at ways to give you more choice and more involvement when selecting the MIS system you feel best meets your needs for the future. 

So we are changing the way we manage the contract and will be putting together a selection of fully vetted suppliers to select from. 

By Christmas we’ll have interviewed, robustly tested, challenged and vetted all interested parties and come up with a shortlist of the most compatible MIS and FAS systems. 

From January to April you will be able to assess the different systems on offer.  We will be holding a number of “meet the supplier” days and be providing plenty of information and materials to help you make the right decisions for your School.  There will be regular updates on the Schools ICT website and through your North Yorkshire Education Services Relationship Managers. 

Once you have chosen your preferred system, we’ll help you though the process. 

Training and support will be available for all the systems on the framework, brought to you by your trusted teams within NYCC -Schools ICT, and FMS.

Our aim is to give you the best choice for your school, at the best price and make it as easy as possible. 



Can we stay with our current supplier?

If your current supplier makes it through the selection process then it’s business as usual.

 Why do we have to make this decision?

The MIS and FAS contract is coming to an end.  The market is changing and so is the technology.  This offers a great opportunity to review all the suppliers and make sure we have the best options in place for your school now and for the future. 

 What are the benefits?

By bringing the companies together on a framework we can all benefit from cost savings due to bulk purchasing.  One or two schools have already moved to other suppliers so there seems to be an appetite to try other products.  By having a vetted list we can ensure schools get the best product and that your data is handled securely and the proper support and training is in place. 

 Will Schools ICT and FMS still help us?

Yes – so far all of the suppliers are very keen that we continue giving you support.  They recognise the value of the relationship we have with our schools and the knowledge and unrivalled expertise we have built up over many years.  Both NYCC teams will receive detailed training on all the systems that make the framework.

 What if I don’t like any of the proposed suppliers?

You are quite entitled to go it alone.  Our advice would be to look carefully at the support options and the costs and ensure the company has the relevant accreditations so you can be confident they will deal with your data in a secure manner. 

How have you chosen the shortlist?

A detailed specification has been compiled under the European Tendering arrangement.  Suppliers have to submit detailed answers, they are then marked on their answers. Alongside this we are complying with all EU tendering laws, giving Schools the reassurance that they can buy from the framework without challenge, and ensuring evidence of best value for their School.

 Is there a cost implication?

All costs will be fully available and transparent to Schools for each system during January.

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