Broadband and Filtering

Schools ICT will work with you to deliver a package of support for your school which includes:

cirrus broadband flat150
  • A suitable Broadband connection
  • Online Security and filtering
  • Email
  • Help Desk Support
  • Options for a Hosted Telephone System
  • Options for Website Hosting

At schools ICT we want schools to choose the best and safest broadband options available and be confident in their choice. It is not just about what is right for today but what’s right for tomorrow and next year. All suppliers, including Schools ICT ask schools to sign up for a period of time so it is vitally important to get it right from the start.

By spending a little time working out how your school uses the internet it will be easier to find the best broadband service that strikes a balance between cost, access and speed and is future-proof.

The first thing to understand is that access to the internet is basically achieved through three elements:

  • a physical connection to a network
  • filtering for safer surfing
  • the software to enable messages to be sent

Through partnerships, Schools ICT is able to offer the following packages

  • Connectivity by NYnet
  • Filtering by Smoothwall
  • Antivirus by Sophos
  • Encryption by Egress
  • Email by Microsoft Office 365
  • Website Hosting bySchools ICT
  • SharePoint Cloud Based file sharing by Schools ICT
  • Mobile Phone contracts by Virgin & EE
  • SmartPhone handsets by EE


Schools ISP


Fast, reliable broadband connectivity is essential in schools. Fully supported, high performance, secure internet service especially for schools.

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Leasing Options


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Special Offers


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Project Service


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