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Getting Connected

Schools ICT offers a range of options to help ensure the right and safest broadband option for your school.

We have partnered with NYnet and all our broadband services are delivered through the NYCC Wide Area Network (WAN)

So to start with getting connected depends on
  • where am I?
  • what do I need it to do?
  • can I work confidently and safely?
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To help you understand ther terminology and more about how broadband works here is our simple guide to what you need to know and consider.

pdfSimple Guide to Choosing Broadband

pdfInternet in Schools - The Government Perspective

Schools ICT will help you pick the right product call us on 01609 536068.



The current framework ends March 2019.  Please not any new contracts will be on a Quote Basis. 

To find out which product your schools is currently able to receive please log into North Yorkshire Education Services (NYES) and visit the Broadband pages. 

Services & Packages 1

Down (Mbs)

Up (Mbs)

Underlying Technology

Direct 300 and above




Direct 200-F




Direct 100-F




Direct 10



EFM or Fibre

Schools ISP



NGA (Next Generation Access)




aDSL (Max) bonded with Xrio equipment (Copper through phone)

ADSL or Equivalent



aDSL (Max) (Copper through phone)

 1 Small school subsidy is eligible to primary schools with less than 150 FTE pupils.





Smoothwall's Universal Threat Management (UTM) system is a layer of protection between your school and the world wide web. 

A box is fitted in your comms cabinet and the internet feed connected straight into the box.

The Smoothwall box includes a firewall, web content filtering and Anti-Malware in a single integrated package.

smoothwall bix                     

The lightning-fast real-time web filtering software blocks access to unwelcome sites and it allows you to set preferences and only allows content through that you want your students to see, based on categories of your choice. The Schools ICT help desk will work with you to set up and manage your preferences and you have unlimited Schools ICT Help Desk support and troubleshooting.

Schools that purchase their internet through Schools ICT will have a Smoothwall box installed as part of their broadband package.

Schools not connected through Schools ICT can still benefit from Smoothwall protection and can purchase a UTM box and Schools ICT help desk support.

We have options for primary and secondary.

To download the full factsheet click on the image below.  

UTM Features


pdfSmoothwall UTM Fact Sheet224.71 KB24/01/2018, 12:20


To find out how Smoothwall can keep children and teachers safe have a look at the following document - click on the image below.

Smoothwall pic

pdfSmoothwall and Ofsted856.07 KB24/01/2018, 12:20


A safe way to send emails

From time to time schools are required to pass on personal pupil information via email to external agencies, other schools, parents, governors etc. The Schools ICT Secure Email Service is a way of sending emails by encrypting them so the information and any attachments are secure.

Our partner of choice is Egress Software Technologies - the leading provider of hosted and on premise encryption service.

The Egress Switch product is designed to secure all forms of electronic information and deliver to customers in the Public and Private Sectors the Switch platform.

Egress 3           

Egress Switch is fully integrated with Outlook part of the Microsoft Office 365 family.  

Encryption is simply initated with a number of prompt words in the title of the email. Including the word "[Secure]" means that inside NYCC the email will automatically decode and open, using the word “[Restricted]” the receiver would receve and email notification and be prompted to log into the Egress Switch portal to download the email. 

To read more about Egress Switch have a look at the following factsheet.  Just click on the image to open. 


Switch graphic

 pdfEgress Switch Factsheet652.60 KB24/01/2018, 16:06



Sophos Endpoint Protection

Sophos Endpoint Protection makes it simple to secure your computer systems against malware and advanced threats, such as targeted attacks.

Sophos Endpoint Protection integrates innovative technology like malicious traffic detection with real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs to help you prevent, detect and remediate threats with ease.

The licence is paid up front and covers your school for three years. There is a small maintenance charge to pay in year two and year three.

The site licence will include all devices within your School and includes some enhanced features, plus the ability for anyone connected to the School to put Sophos on their home PC’s.

To download the full fact sheet click on the image below.  

 Sophos heading

pdfSophos Factsheet88.12 KB22/01/2018, 16:09

What is Skype for Business?

Have you ever wanted to invite a subject expert to talk to your class, but they live too far away? Do you want to cut down on travel costs and time between different school sites for meetings? Then it might be time to give Skype for Business a whirl. Skype for Business can give you:

  • Instant messaging (IM)
  • Voice calls
  • Video conferencing
  • Screen sharing.
  • Presence information - At a glance, see if your colleagues are busy or available.
  • Conversations are protected by strong authentication and encryption.
  • The Skype for Business app is available for mobile, tablet, PC and Mac.

Skype for Business is the version of Skype that is included with Office 365. In terms of the core features such as IM, voice or video calls and screen sharing, it is basically the same as the free version of Skype that anyone can download. However, it has greater integration with other office products such as Outlook, enterprise grade security and more extensive conferencing, meeting and phone features.

If you're just looking for some information on how to install the Skype for Business client and start using it, then please see the Learn More About Skype for Business section below.


Tell me a bit more. Why should I use Skype for Business?

There are lots of reasons you might use Skype, from better communication within the school between staff and / or students, to transformative learning experiences with schools and children around the world. The best way to get a flavour of what is possible is to watch the videos below.

This first video provides a walkthrough of Skype for Business, from the very basics of understanding presence information and instant messaging (IM) to making video calls and scheduling Skype meetings. It's about 15 minutes long, but it does provide a great overview. Why not watch the first 5 minutes during a tea break just to find out how to get started?



If you are more interested in finding out how Skype for Business can be used in the classroom, then the two videos below might provide some inspiration.

 Hear from these students how sharing with each other through video-calling has created transformative learning experiences.  Fabien Cousteau talks with classrooms around the world via Skype as part of the historic Mission 31 expedition


Learn More About Skype for Business

The following two links will provide basic training in how to get started using Skype for Business. You will be able to view videos that demonstrate how to use key features of Skype for Business, along with step by step instructions.

Skype for Business Training - provides an introduction to Skype for Business, including how to install the client, sign in and configure audio and video.

Communicate Your Way - provides further training on such topics as using Skype from within Outlook, and sharing your desktop.


If you want to find out more about how Skype can be used in the classroom, then please take a look at the Skype in the Classroom section of the Microsoft Education Website. However, please be aware that this website is talking about the free version of Skype, available for anyone to download, rather than the Office 365 Skype for Business product. However, they are very similar products that basically do the same thing. So whether you choose to use Skype for Business, or just download and use the free version of Skype, hopefully the results will be just as rewarding.

Skype in the Classroom