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With 62% of people in the UK using social media*, it's time to expand your reach...

Social media is becoming ever more prevalent in our modern society, and is a great tool both for promoting your school or business, and communicating effectively with your audience. Schools ICT can help you set up and learn to maintain a social media presence using a wide variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Using our social media services, we will help you to:

  • Decide what form of social media would suit your needs best
  • Brand your page so your users can easily identify you
  • Learn tips for best practice, such as how to post, what to post, and tips to engage with your users
  • Help with creation of policies for your school or business
  • Linking your social media with your website

Contact the Cirrus Team for further information, and how we can assist you

*The Statstics Portal, January 2017



Refresh your school’s communications in line with your new website.  We can help you with stationery, the school's prospectus, newsletters and adverts. The cost includes a consultation with our marketing team, production of templates, marketing advice and guidance. 

Includes on-site consultation


Online Marketing

Trying to promote your school or business?

We can assist you with setting up and running of online ad campaigns. We will work with you to establish what you need and how best to achieve your goals, and can work with a wide range of budgets. Whether you are launching something new that you would like people to take notice of, or simply wish to attract new customers, we can help you.

Using our ad campaign services, you can:

  • Select your budget, and have peace of mind you will never spend more than you want to
  • Choose your audience, target your ads at customers in particular locations, with certain age ranges, and even with certain interests
  • Get up to date information as to how your campaign is doing, as well as tips for making tweaks, at any point
  • Link your campaign to your social media or selected web page, taking customers directly to the content you want them to see
  • Get expert advice on the display and content of your advertisement, social media feed, and/or webpage based on studies of consumer behaviour, so you know what will best attract clients to interact with your advertisement

Contact the Cirrus team for a no obligation chat about what you would like to achieve, and how we can help you