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Web Talk

Web Experience

Office 365 Education


Would you like your students to have an introduction to the world of website design? One of our web developers can  deliver a presentation to your pupils, giving a thorough demonstration of how websites are made alongside industry best practice. Students will leave the session with a basic idea of what to consider when approaching web design, as well as what should be included within a website.


If you would like your students to gain hands-on experience with web design, we offer our classroom web experience package. Through an engaging session with one of our web developers, your students will learn the basics and best practice of industry-standard web design. Students will be able to practice on a custom site that we will build under your school's domain name. This site will then be yours to use in future sessions with your own teachers. Students will be able to view their pages live on the website as they work.


Make education easier by providing resources to students with the Office 365 Education package. Aimed at simplifying how teachers and students engage with one another and all accessible from a single login. Every class is provided with a file sharing system through which to share both class and homework, mail service via which to receive work and submit feedback, calendars for keeping track of class events, One Note class notebook on which every student can have their own page, and much more...