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Is your website Outstanding?

Introducing the Schools ICT’s Ofsted Website Health Check Service

Trust Schools ICT to examine your site and check it includes all the features required by Ofsted to provide relevant, accurate and up-to-date information for current and future visitors.

Your personalised report will highlight areas of good practice, identify areas that need improvement and provide advice and guidance for further development.

So before the inspector arrives at your school you can be sure you’ve created an outstanding impression.

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Why choose Website Health Check?

We will perform a variety of checks and make recommendations on how to improve your website based on our years of experience building school websites and thorough knowledge of Ofsted regulations and Local Education Authority requirements.

Our goal is to help you create a well-presented website that puts your school forward in a positive light, with easy access to everything your visitors may need and has everything on it that Ofsted will look for.

Your website and Ofsted

We’ll check both the content of your website and also its usability. For example the list that Ofsted runs through includes making sure that information, such as your term dates, is up to date and accurate and that information parents need to know, such as transport arrangements to and from school and uniform requirements, is easily available.

Ofsted also wants to ensure that performance data is easily visible to allow parents to get an accurate idea of Key Stage Results and what their child is learning, therefore it is important that these feature prominently on the site.

There are 35 items Ofsted checks on your website – we’ll do the same.

And we’ll do more

As well as the Ofsted checks we’ll inspect your website and ask the questions

  • How easy is it to find your website?
  • How quickly and easily it is to navigate through your pages?
  • Is your content up-to-date and engaging?
  • Are your images displaying correctly?
  • How accessible is your website for people with disabilities?
  • Does your website disclose all the necessary information (cookies & privacy)?
  • What do you need to do to improve your Google rankings?

How do I sign up ?

At a one-off cost of £100 we will provide you with a comprehensive report identifying any issues we find, as well as advice on how to go about resolving these issues.

If you would like us to make the changes then our development day package buys effort for one of our web specialists to spend time to update and polish your website.

For ongoing maintenance we offer a Managed Service so if you would prefer we update and maintain your site for you, we are happy to help.

Need more information? The Schools ICT Cirrus Team would love to talk to you and explain more about the Ofsted Health Check service:

  1. 01609 536086,
  2. Click here to send us an email

To sign up visit North Yorkshire Education Services and the package can be found in the Schools ICT Services section.

For further information call the Cirrus team on 01609 536086. We’ll be happy to explain more about the Ofsted and Website Health Checker service and how it could help to make your website Outstanding.

To sign up for Ofsted Health Check visit North Yorkshire Education Services and the package can be found in the Schools ICT Services section.