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 What We Do

Schools ICT will work with you to deliver a package of support for your school which includes:

cirrus broadband flat150
  • A suitable Broadband connection
  • Online Security and filtering
  • Microsoft Office 365 including email
  • Unlimited Help Desk Support
  • Options for mobile phones
  • Options for Website Hosting

At schools ICT we want schools to choose the best and safest broadband options available and be confident in their choice. It is not just about what is right for today but what’s right for tomorrow and next year. All suppliers, including Schools ICT ask schools to sign up for a period of time so it is vitally important to get it right from the start.

By spending a little time working out how your school uses the internet it will be easier to find the best broadband service that strikes a balance between cost, access and speed and is future-proof.

The first thing to understand is that access to the internet is basically achieved through three elements:

  • a physical connection to a network
  • filtering for safer surfing
  • the software to enable messages to be sent

Through partnerships, Schools ICT is able to offer the following packages

  • Connectivity by NYnet
  • Filtering by Smoothwall
  • Antivirus by Sophos
  • Encryption by Egress
  • Email by Microsoft Office 365
  • Website Hosting by Schools ICT
  • SharePoint Cloud Based file sharing by Schools ICT
  • Mobile Phone contracts by Virgin & EE
  • SmartPhone handsets by EE




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Help Desk

Our Help Desk is open every weekday throughout the year, excluding public holidays, and provides a single point of contact to access all our services.

Opening hours are:

Monday to Thursday  
8:00am to 5:00pm
8:00am to 4:30pm

The customer may contact the Help Desk in a variety of ways:

By telephone 01609 536 086
By E-mail Click here to E-Mail Us
By web This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view

Our Help Desk agents are industry trained and experienced in the education sector and will always attempt to resolve problems at first contact.

Where appropriate, and only with the customer’s authority, our agents can quickly take control of school systems to diagnose faults and provide guidance for users. Our ability to resolve a high proportion of reported faults using this technology means that downtime is kept to a minimum, and by saving on travelling and other costs associated with traditional on-site support, we are able to make savings in operational efficiency that enables us to keep our costs low. Savings that we pass back to our customers.

Of course, not every fault can be resolved in this way and some faults just have to be diagnosed and resolved at the school. This is when our team of dedicated field engineers step in. Highly qualified and experienced, they are able to quickly diagnose and resolve problems while having the minimum impact on the normal operation of your school.

Advice and Guidance

We can do much more than simply fix things when they break. Our close relationship with colleagues in the Quality and Improvement Team, and with other colleagues in the LA and wider County Council, means that we are uniquely placed to be able to work with you to develop your ICT strategy.

We have a range of specialists, covering a wide spectrum of expertise that customers may call on. So, if you have some ideas on how you want your ICT to develop and feel we could help, call our Help Desk and we will be happy to help.

Health Checks

ICT systems in schools evolve over time as new and sometimes disparate technology is utilised to address specific needs of teachers and pupils. Today, it is rare for any school to be able to upgrade their entire ICT estate on a fixed cycle, and so, systems inevitably develop in a piecemeal fashion.

Over time, this is likely to lead to issues of minor incompatibility which though not sufficient to prevent operation of school systems, may present as issues with speed and general performance.

A Schools ICT Health Check will reveal those areas that may be restricting performance and may help inform future purchasing decisions to ensure schools achieve best value for their ICT investment. Contact our Help Desk for more information.

Service Level Agreements

We aim to continually improve our service by ensuring we offer the best value for money to all our schools. We have simplified our annual support contract making it easier to understand the benefits and options. Full details for the SLA options and prices can be found online at

Proactive Support Direct to You

You may feel ICT support is merely a reactive service; a service that can only ever respond to issues that have already had an adverse impact on your curriculum delivery or school management.

Our School Technician Service is designed to be entirely pro-active, providing subscribing schools with regular visits of agreed duration and frequency by a named technician, to carry out all those regular maintenance tasks that help prevent costly failure, minimising downtime and maximising your investment in ICT systems.

Key Features

The School Technician Service is not offered as a replacement for our core Technical Support (Software) Service. We understand that a school’s ICT support requirements can be quite complex and no one individual can fulfil every need. So when you subscribe to our School Technician Service, you are not simply engaging one individual, you have the expertise and knowledge of the entire Schools ICT Team supporting them.

Our school technicians are able to carry out a range of tasks, many that lie outside the scope of our standard support services and that would normally incur additional charges. Tasks such as installing new hardware or software, server user management, general network “housekeeping”, ensuring all data is being securely backed up, updating tablet devices. These tasks would normally be charged at £80 for the first hour and £48 for each subsequent hour.


Your school technician can carry out tasks as well as support staff and assist in the classroom all for just £46 per hour.

Secondary School Network Manager

For secondary schools that may be looking for a more permanent solution Schools ICT can work with you to place a full time Network Manager in your school.  Although the Network Manager is employed and managed by Schools ICT the day to day direction, including the determination of priorities, is directed by your needs.


The Secondary School Network Manager is tailored to each school and offered on a quote basis.


For more information, please contact our Help Desk on 01609 536086

Your trusted partner for all your ICT support, equipment and solutions

 A message from Keren Wild, Service Manager

Keren Wild Small 500x500 Schools ICT is dedicated to helping schools and organisations benefit from the best ICT solutions for their current and future needs.
We offer expert advice on all aspects of ICT and over the last 25 years have developed a comprehensive portfolio of professional services for schools and educational establishments across Yorkshire and beyond.
All our packages are designed to save time, worry and be very good value for money. By using a framework of suppliers we can constantly challenge the product, performance, service and price ensuring we gain best value for our customers.

Schools ICT aspires to be your trusted partner for all ICT related matters. We want you to look upon us a part of your team, here to support you as and when you need us.

It’s our job to keep your ICT investments fit and healthy and running at their optimum enabling you to get on with the day to day tasks without worry.

Schools ICT’s approach is different from a commercial supplier. We want you to be confident in your choice of ICT equipment and support services. So we won’t just sell a generic off-the-shelf package we will work with you to design a personalised solution for your school or organisation.

What we offer

  • Help & technical support services for software and hardware including AV
  • MIS and schools office software licences, support & training
  • Specialist software and bespoke training
  • Strategic technology advice & guidance
  • Equipment supply, sales & installation
  • Website design & hosting
  • Microsoft Office 365, E-mail and SharePoint
  • Broadband & filtering services

Benefits for your organisation

We are education specialists, here to help you to look at the bigger picture.

When we provide our customers with a technology solution, we consider current and future IT needs, alongside external factors such as on-going improvements to software, new or improved hardware, better ways to access and use the internet, and new advice or directives from Government.

When it comes to choosing the best, Schools ICT has experience, knowledge and excellent customer service and we won’t let you down.

Happy to help

As an integral part of the Local Education Authority (LEA) Schools ICT in a unique position to be able to develop and deliver targeted services to schools.  We are also a fully traded service of NYCC working though North Yorkshire Education Services (NYES).  This enables us to work with all types of organisations and education settings across the UK not just in North Yorkshire.  

We’re always happy to help and if you would like more information on any of our support options or to arrange an informal discussion around your particular needs then please send us a message and we'll gladly call you back. 

Service Manager Keren Wild

Customer Account Manager Tony Lyons

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