Hassle free mobile phone packages from Schools ICT exclusively for Schools

  • All inclusive calls and texts within the UK (up to 3000 minutes* and 3000 texts per month)
  • Single bill per school regardless of the number of handsets
  • Billed once a year through North Yorkshire Education Solutions (NYES)
  • Fixed price for the length of the contract
  • Unlimited help desk support from Schools ICT - same great level of support irrespective of how many handsets you have
  • Tailor your smartphone to access Office 365, MIS mobile apps and education apps

*for calls to landlines starting 01/02/03, EE, Orange, T-Mobile and numbers with the prefix 0800, 0808, 0500

combined phones

Pick your package, choose your handset ...... congratulations you're ready to go.

Package Options

  • Phone & Texting only - £4.50 per month
  • Smartphones (access the internet, email, apps, phone and text) - £12 per month

Handset Options

    Phone and texting handsets from £49 Smartphone devices from £100

Choose from a range of EE compatible handsets

  • for phone and texting only we recommend the Mobiwire Oneida
  • for smartphones we recommend the Samsung Galaxy A40
  • Handset price comparisons available on the full range of options
  • Handset options updated monthly

View the July 2020 handset comparison table*   pdfJuly 2020 Handset Comparison Table

*Please note some of these items are subject to change

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Ask for a Quote

Ask Schools ICT for a quote through SLA online* and we'll work out your personalised price.

*please help us by stating which phone you prefer and which data package you want.


In More Detail

The service is provided by Schools ICT and takes advantage of the NYCC Corporate Contract underpinned by Virgin Media - in partnership with the EE network. So everywhere the EE network covers you'll be able to get a signal. But if you're not sure then provide Schools ICT with a postcode and we'll will test the coverage for you.

You'll only ever need to deal with the one provider - Schools ICT - with all support through the Schools ICT Help Desk - 01609 536086, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Our contracts run for 24 months with a fixed monthly charge for the entire duration of the contract - so you will know exactly what you are paying - no costly surprises. 

Easy billing - monthly charges for all handsets and additional international calls are accumulated into one annual bill and billed through Oracle. 

If your phone is lost or stolen Schools ICT can stop calls and centrally deactivate the phone preventing access to any stored information.

If you want to upgrade handsets or your handset goes missing the contract is still active so all you need to do is purchase a replacement handset and Schools ICT can link it to your existing contract.


Smartphone Benefits

Need to keep in touch? - access your email and calendar through Office 365 

Your handset will support MIS apps which allow access on the go - depending on your MIS supplier there may be a charge for the mobile app 

Your phone can act as a tether to the internet for your laptop or tablet so you can access your files even when out of the office - useful for outdoor lessons, field trips etc

Worried about connection to the Internet? - we can add your phone to your Smoothwall account - so you will get the same internet filtering and monitoring protection as in school


GDPR and Mobile Phones

Advice is not to store any data on the phone and just use it to connect to and app which should be GDPR compliant.

Schools ICT will only install apps that are GDPR compliant and can lock the phone so data can only be saved within these GDPR compliant apps.

You can be confident in knowing that any pupil data will be secure and governed by the app and NYCC data protection policies minimising GDPR infringements. 

As an extra layer of protection phones can be encrypted although there is a cost for set up. 


Going over the monthly allowance

Your contract comes with 3000 minutes, 3000 texts per month and 1 GB of data allowance. Please note there is a charge for calls, texts and data usage in excess of the monthly allowance: 

  • UK Calls to landlines (01/02/03) 2p per minute
  • UK Calls to other EE and Orange mobiles 2p per minute
  • UK Calls to other mobiles, including T-Mobile mobiles 2p per minute
  • UK Calls to numbers with the prefix 0800, 0808 and 0500 free of charge
  • UK Text Messages 3p per text message


More information

Contact your Relationship Manager at NYES