Does your school meet all the requirements for the Schools Financial Value Standard?

Have you achieved this whilst still conforming to the Data Protection Act? 


The Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) replaced the Financial Management Standard in Schools in September 2011 and was updated in 2017. Section 2 of Point 25 of the SFVS states that all schools should ensure they have an appropriate plan in case of a disaster; and have daily off-site backups of the school’s important IT systems. RBUSS ensures compliance with Data Protection Regulation including the GDPR, ICO and SFVS guidance by guaranteeing that critical data is securely and automatically backed up offsite daily.

Traditional backup solutions involve someone physically managing the backup process before storing the tapes at the school site, or taking the tapes home.

Are you happy with the responsibility of handling the backup media away from the school’s site? Is the data encrypted? What happens if the media is lost, or worse, stolen?

The Information Commissioners Office now has a range of powers to enforce breaches of the 7th principle of the Data Protection Act, which is: “You must have appropriate security to prevent the personal data you hold being accidentally or deliberately compromised”. The ICO’s enforcement powers range from publicly published undertakings, to monetary fines (up to £500,000) or even criminal prosecutions.

Conforming to legislation needn’t be difficult and time consuming....

Schools ICT can provide you a market leading offsite backup service for schools, currently in use at over 12,000 Primaries across the UK. Redstor Backup for Schools (RBUSS) is fully automated and replaces the need to perform any backup as well as the need to buy and manage any further hardware, software or tapes. The backup service keeps 2 copies of your data in geographically separate locations based within the UK, whilst being fully secure and encrypted at all times.

RBUSS is also accredited by Capita and provides the ability to backup SIMS and SIMS Discover.

For more information, please call our Development Team on 01609 536086 (option 2) or contact us using our online contact form.

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