Toshiba Notebook - Important Safety Recall Notice

Urgent Battery Safety Recall & Replacement Programme

Toshiba Europe GmbH has announced a voluntary replacement programme with respect to certain battery packs on selected Toshiba notebooks shipped between June 2011 and December 2015.  Potentially affected battery packs were sold with new notebooks, as accessories or used as replacement batteries in the course of repair. Any potentially affected battery packs might overheat and could pose a potential burn or fire hazard risk. As a result Toshiba will be offering a free replacement for all potentially affected battery packs. This is a worldwide issue affecting notebook batteries regardless of where they were purchased.



If you have purchased a Toshiba notebook or a replacement battery, or have received a replacement battery through your notebooks warranty between 2011 and 2015 Schools ICT advise that you act now to avoid any potential risk. 

Toshiba recommend that you use their online tool to confirm which notebooks that may still be in your possession are potentially affected. If it is found that any of your units are affected, please request a replacement through their website. More information and the self-check tool can be found here:

If the voluntary replacement program applies to your battery pack, as a precautionary measure, please turn off the notebook and remove the battery pack immediately. You can continue using and powering your notebook computer with your AC adapter power supply until you receive a replacement battery pack.

For more information, please contact our Development Team on 01609 536086 and select option 2

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