Microsoft AC power cord recall for Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and certain Surface Pro 3 devices

As of 22nd January 2016, Microsoft has issued a voluntary recall notice on a number of AC power cords relating to certain Microsoft Surface devices following concerns that they can overheat if they are sharply and repeatedly bent, or wound too tightly, over an extended period of time.


It has never been a better time to invest in an Interactive panel from Schools ICT.  If you are considering making changes to your Interactive hardware an Interactive Panel may not be as expensive as you think. 

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Our dedicated training facility is conveniently located in the main building at County Hall.

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SharePoint Services

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Schools ICT offer SharePoint services, a document management solution from Microsoft.

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Special Offers

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We like to strike a good deal with our suppliers and pass the savings on to schools. Visit our special offers pages for the latest deals.

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MIS Services

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Intending to change your MIS supplier? The deadline is fast approaching. We need to know by the 31st January.

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