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Sophos - Full Disk Encryption - Create a new POA


How to create a POA (Power On Authentication) Account

To ensure the computer is secure - the inital user account should be the member of staff who will use the laptop.

You need to create a POA (Power On Authentication) User to allow another Windows user to log on to your computer.

  1. Switch on the computer.
    The POA logon dialog is displayed. The second Windows user cannot log on at the POA because they do not have the necessary keys and certificates.
  2. Enter your existing POA credentials. 
  3. In the POA logon dialog, click Options and clear the Pass through Windows check box. 
    The Windows logon dialog is displayed, prompting the second user to log on.
  4. The second user enters their Windows credentials. 
  5. An entry for the second user is created in the Sophos SafeGuard system core.

The next time the computer is started, the second user can log on at the Power-on Authentication.


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