Relates to Windows XP / 7 / 2003 / 2008 R2 / 2012


The following article explains how to install Groupcall Xporter v5 for Capita SIMS for Academies that have a data sharing agreement with North Yorkshire County Council. Please install on the server on which you run SIMS. The server will require internet access.


Installing Groupcall Xporter

  1. Download and run the Groupcall Xporter Installer . If this link does not work please got to and select the Groupcall Xporter V5 Installer / Upgrader

  2. Click Run on the File Download - Security Warning window / Pop-up. If using Firefox you may need to save the file first and then run it.

  3. Click Run on the Internet Explorer - Security Warning window / Pop-up.

  4. Click Next

  5. Click Next to accept the default installation location


  6. Enter contact details. Click Next.
  7. Select Capita SIMS.Net and click Next

  8. Click Install


  9. Enter a SIMS username and password for the SIMS data base you are connecting to. The user will need to be a member of Personnel Officer, School Administrator, Senior Management Team and Third Party Reporting groups in SIMS.
    Click Login 


  10. You will see confirmation of the data base that you have connected to if the connection is successful
    Click Next

  11. You will see the School Details that have been retrieved from the data base. Check that these are as expected. You cannot change these details here, but they can be changed with the Groupcall Xporter Management Console if required.
    Click Next
  12. Click Finish


  13. Once installed you will see the new Xporter Management Console icon on the desktop.


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