SIMS Summer 2017 Census - Fileset 601 available for 'dry runs'

Census Fileset 601 is now available to allow schools to carry out a dry run of their Summer 2017 Census return.

IMPORTANT - Fileset 601 is a Beta version and should be used for dry runs only. It should NOT be used for authorising the return.

For those schools wishing to make an early start on their Census return, fileset 601 will allow you to see a list of validation queries and errors. However a newer version of the fileset will need to be imported into SIMS before authorising the return. We anticipate a new fileset will be made available by DfE in the next week or two and will inform schools accordingly.

To import the fileset please follow the instructions below: 

Right click on the file below and choose Save Target As (might be different depending on which browser you are using). Save this file to anywhere on your machine, we would suggest J:\SIMSData\Inbox although it might automatically save to your downloads folder. 

zipSIMS Fileset 601 for Summer 2017 Census

Find the saved zipped folder on your machine, right click on the zipped folder and choose Extract All.

In SIMS go to Tools > Setups > Import Fileset
Click on the yellow browse folder and navigate to your Fileset. You will need to open the unzipped folder then choose the Fileset from here. The filename will be 0601-StatutoryReturns-Summer_2017_Update_Fileset.mfs and will be the only file showing in the folder. Click on this file then choose OK
Once selected click Import Fileset.

You will now see a message which reads "Import successful. Please close SIMS.net and re-open it." At this point, please close out of SIMS and log back in. You are now ready to start your Census return.

When you load the Census screen by going to Routines > Statutory returns > School Census, you should see the correct Fileset number (601) at the top of the screen.

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