End of Support for Windows 7/Server 2008 01/14/2020 332 Days

Microsoft will end its support for the Windows 7 operating system on 14 January 2020.  This means that automatic updates that protect your computer will no longer be available.  Microsoft strongly recommends that you move to Windows 10 before January 2020 to benefit from all the security and updates that are released to a fully supported operating system. 

The following is a copy of a tweet posted by North Yorkshire Police's Cybercrime team on the 13th December (https://twitter.com/NYPDIIU).

There's a new wave of bomb threat e-mails going round today. Email demands payment in Bitcoin or sender will detonate a bomb on the premises. Email is non-specific, threat is not credible and is a scam. Don't panic, don't pay, just delete.

Dear Colleagues,

We have been advised that some schools have been told that our Schools ICT team are no longer supporting websites for schools in North Yorkshire.

Please be assured that this is not the case and our team continues to both design websites for new and existing customers and provide support with all aspects of website design, hosting and maintenance.

If you have a Web Presence Builder website from Schools ICT don’t worry – Your website is perfectly safe in our hands and will still work as well as it has for many years to come.

The truth is that Web Presence Builder is no longer being developed, BUT all existing features will work perfectly and your website will continue to serve you well. You will be able to add content and images and do everything you need. So please don’t panic.

But technology moves on and it is a good time to think about moving forward.

Using a Windows 7 laptop? Please Read

Over the summer Schools ICT was alerted to a serious incident which led to a “Notification of a personal data breach ” reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

A laptop was stolen from a teacher’s home during a break-in.

Over the weekend, many schools have been subject to a widespread phishing attempt. Many schools have forwarded on the email to our helpdesk staff to ask for assistance.