Digital monitoring

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As more students are learning away from the school environment, digital monitoring can help you identify which students might need help, be struggling or need intervention. It works by monitoring what is viewed or typed on a keyboard on an internet connected device and if the software detects any concerning words, phrases or changes of behaviour, it will send an alert to their human moderation team for review.

Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom

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To help schools deliver remote learning the Department for Education is offering to pay for the installation of Google’s G Suite for Education (including Google Classroom in schools) or Microsoft Teams. 

Support for your online learning

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Over the last few weeks Microsoft Teams, which is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, has proven to be the ideal tool to use as an online learning environment to ensure teachers can easily deliver resources to students and communicate, all in one place.

A message from Schools ICT

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Firstly, and most importantly, we just wanted to say that we hope you, your staff and your whole school are safe and well. We also wanted to reassure you that Schools ICT is fully operational and ready to help you with all your ICT help and support.

Although most of us are working from home we are able to use the power of ICT to give you a full range of support services: 

Has Teams saved the day? 

Possibly! Since the beginning of lockdown, we’ve seen a significant number of schools making full use of their existing Office 365 licenses by activating MS Teams as an online learning environment.  

For those of you who haven’t got going with Teams yet, in this article we are going to explore and answer some of the most common questions schools have prior to activating and using Teams: 

What is MS Teams and how does it work?

Schools ICT has developed a solution to help you stay connected during the school closure period. Microsoft has a tool called Teams which can be used for collating learning resources and directing learners. Teams also include collaboration tools such as chat and video calling which can be switched on in preparation for co-operative learning experiences from remote locations.

Rapid deployment

A full school set-up is a long-term project, but Schools ICT has developed a lighter version that can be quickly deployed to get you up and running. We are calling this Rapid Teams.