Attention all Sophos Anti-Virus customers - renewal action needed before the 6th June

For the last three years Sophos has been providing an exceptional level of protection against virus, malware, and ransomware attacks.  The current contract expires in early June and we are pleased to announce we have negotiatied a new contract to offer Sophos Central Intercept X - a single solution to intelligently protect against virus, malware, and ransomware attacks. 

Existing Customers - the current contract expires on the 10th June and we want to make sure that you have continuous and unbroken protection against malicious threats so we need you to take action before the 6th June.

Invest just 90 minutes of your time to learn how to your school can stay Securely Connected by attending the NYES Digital Tech Update.

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Tuesday 24th May

10:00 – 11:30am, Online via Teams

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Now, more than ever, we turn our attention to digital safety.

With world events uppermost in our minds we explore what it means to be a digitally secure school.

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about some big changes happening with our company over the next few months.

Schools ICT have been providing ICT services to schools for 27 years now. On April 1st this year, in line with the other Traded Services, we will be changing our name and branding to become NYES Digital.

There will be no disruption to services and we hope that our customers will see benefits from being able to access all your traded services from one place.

Introducing Arbor the latest addition to our MIS portfolio

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Arbor MIS gives schools the tools they need to work better today and be ready for tomorrow. Free staff from busywork, work more collaboratively, and stay connected on the cloud – so your whole team has a shared view of what’s going on, even if you’re not together. With over 1,900 primary, secondary and special schools, Arbor is the UK’s fastest growing MIS.

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We've teamed up with BoxPhish to offer schools a Cyber Security & Awareness learning journey.

In over 90% of cyber attacks, there is a human element that has failed, so let's hear directly from BoxPhish why training is the way to strengthen your defences with the addition of a human firewall.

A statement from Parent Pay IT Security team, December 22, 2020

As is being widely reported, SolarWinds recently suffered a security breach, potentially impacting tens of thousands of SolarWinds customers worldwide.

As a user of SolarWinds, as soon as ParentPay were made aware of the breach we isolated our systems and launched an immediate and thorough investigation. We have found no evidence to suggest ParentPay customer or partner data has been breached or compromised in any way.