Delivering a better, slicker and more responsive help service to schools

Schools ICT is taking great steps forward in improving its help desk service to schools. Each year we deal with approximately 50,000 help requests from schools across North Yorkshire. Your phone call, email or web form is just the first stage and initiates a whole series of steps to identify the problem, find an answer and implement the solution.

 “We use a software programme to help us manage each request”, explained Jenny Mackay, Help Desk Manager. “We are now using a new and improved Service Desk Management software called Sostenuto. The new features help us improve our response times, increase our communication to schools, be more proactive in helping identify issues and more efficient in the way we handle and track responses.

The Help Desk OfficeThe earlier version of Sostenuto was the industry leading service desk management software of its time but now we demand more. For example we’ll be able to view a summary of previous calls which will help the customer services officer immediately understand the history of the problems, what was tried and how long the issue has been going on and what we did to solve it”.

The Help Desk OperatorsOne key feature of Sostenuto is we are able to keep customers fully appraised of the progress of the request. We can set the system to send automatically generate emails at key events. For example: when the call is assigned to an engineer or escalated up to a Principal Support Officer, when a solution is implemented and when the call is closed. This will help our customers with tracking the progress of a request and remove the need to phone the Schools ICT help desk to ask about progress.

Help Desk Operators“Sometimes we need to do quite a bit of work in the background whilst we investigate a problem”, explained Jenny. “We appreciate this progress is not always visible to schools and now we’ll be able to send an email telling schools we are working on their solution and what progress is being made”.

Sostenuto Screen ShotIn the future we plan to customise the system to enable you to log in and view a dashboard of your call history and the progress of any open calls. Again this saves time and improves communication especially as you’ll be able to access this feature 24/7 not just when the Help Desk is open. Each dashboard can be customised to include information on which SLA your school is signed up to and, if you have critical Device Cover, the exact machines that are named for special protection.