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Intending to change your MIS supplier?

The deadline for 2018/19 is fast approaching.

Please let us know if you wish to change your MIS system by the 31st January.


Through NYES SLA Online - your NYES Relationship Manager can help set this up. 

Not Sure?

Just ask Schools ICT for a quote for the system you are considering through SLA online.  We'll send you a personalised illustration of costs for your school based on the latest pupil numbers and taking into account any data migration and set up charges. If you want to go ahead then make your choice through SLA online before the end of January. 

Where can I find out more?

More information on the MIS Framework and supplier options can be found on the Schools ICT website.

Happy with your existing supplier?

Then you're all set. 

Considering SIMS Primary?

For SIMS schools who are interested in moving to the new cloud based SIMS Primary we should have more information soon. 

Capita will be launching SIMS Primary at the forthcoming BETT conference - 24th - 27th January. Once the pricing model is avaiable we can provide you with a costing for your school. Just ask us your relationship manager to request a SIMS Primary quote. Then if you want to go ahead we will work with you on a timetable for migration. 

In the meantime just purchase a Capita licence as normal. When SIMS Primary comes online it will be a straight licence swap.