It's official - Schools ICT is an accreditied support team for ScholarPack.  

ScholarPack accredited team

Congratulations to the MIS Team who have been awarded ScholarPack certification to be recognised as an accredited ScholarPack Support Team.

This award confirms our expertise in delivering 1st line support for ScholarPack MIS and demonstrates the MIS Team's “apposite product knowledge and support capabilities”

Following a full day intensive workshop the team was able to demonstrate an in-depth and thorough knowledge of all ScholarPack modules including:

  • Reporting
  • Attendance
  • Assessments
  • Census
  • add on modules such as Communication

What does this mean for schools?

Our ScholarPack schools can be confident that the level of support they receive from Schools ICT is of the highest level. Schools receive help from the people who know them and know their systems making it a smoother process when transitioning to ScholarPack. We understand how a school carried out a task using their previous system so we can share their experience of moving to a new system and explain how to achieve the same outcome within ScholarPack.

"It is wonderful to be recognised for our excellence in supporting schools with official accreditation", commented Laura Evans, MIS Team member. "ScholarPack is one of the new choices available through Schools ICT's MIS Framework and we’ve all enjoyed learning the system”.

ScholarPack is gaining in populatiry across the Country and ScholarPack has recently announced a major milestone with their 1000 system installed.  

ScholarPack certificate