Schools that have decided to not take up the new Sophos Anti-virus contract should by now have installed a new Anti-virus product. The current Sophos Licenses expired on the 10th June 2019.

Schools that have not bought the new Sophos contract must remove the Sophos Anti-virus from the school’s desktops, laptops and servers. Schools ICT can arrange a technician to attend, please note there is a cost associated with this. (School technicians can uninstall during normal school visits time permitting). Please get in touch for a quote.

We would strongly suggest installing a new Anti-virus product at the same time as uninstalling Sophos, to ensure School computers stay secure. New Anti-virus products may automatically remove Sophos as part of their installation, but this would need to be arranged and managed by the 3rd party installing the alternate Anti-virus client.

Please note if a school decides they would like to purchase Sophos, we can supply them with a license, because the new contract offer has now expired the school will need to pay for the licenses (which will expire on June 10th 2022) and support up front and not spread over the three year term. Please contact us for further information.