Digital monitoring

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As more students are learning away from the school environment, digital monitoring can help you identify which students might need help, be struggling or need intervention. It works by monitoring what is viewed or typed on a keyboard on an internet connected device and if the software detects any concerning words, phrases or changes of behaviour, it will send an alert to their human moderation team for review.

Depending on the severity of this alert, the safeguarding officer will either receive a contextualised email or a phone call. All alerts and screenshots are available within the web portal, and this can also be integrated into your digital record keeping software automatically.

Trigger words can be indicators of bullying, grooming, or wellbeing issues such as self-harm or stress.

Smoothwall, our partner in digital safety, has a very useful guide to digital safeguarding available for download from their website that covers:

  • What is monitoring and what does Ofsted require from you
  • How to get compliant – easy reference checklist
  • How to integrate Monitoring into your safeguarding strategy
  • Scenarios to help you get it right

Together with Smoothwall we are offering all North Yorkshire Schools the Smoothwall Monitor service free of charge for 120 days - a real-time digital monitoring solution that alerts safeguarding teams to risks such as cyberbullying and self-harm as they happen.

The attached leaflet has more information. pdfSmoothwall Monitor Invitation304.88 KB22/06/2020, 09:37

If you would like to take up trial offer please contact Schools ICT Help Desk:

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Phone, 01609 536086 option 1. Smoothwall will then contact you to guide you through setting up the trial including explaining about the mandatory induction for your nominated data protection officer.