If you have a school laptop that normally goes through the Smoothwall you will need to change the proxy settings to be able to work from home. You can do that by following these instructions below. Alternatively, you can download the exeproxy change program here and right click it to run it as administrator (this will extract it to your desktop). Once its on your desktop, you can open the program and click the buttons to switch been home configuration and work configuration

  1. Open up Internet Explorer (make sure its Internet Explorer and not Microsoft Edge)
  2. In the top right of the program, just beneath the X to close the program, you will see a settings cog. Press on the settings cog and go down to "Internet Options"
    proxy settings cog
  3.  This will open a popup window with some tabs along the top. Click on the 5th tab along titled "Connections" then, click the "LAN Settings" button
    proxy internet options
  4. After clicking on LAN settings, you will be presented with another popup with a few tickboxes on. For your device to work from home, you will need to make sure the top three boxes are unticked. For it to work in school again, you will need to make sure the "Use a proxy server" box is ticked. You can double check in the table below to make sure your setup is right for your location
     Home working configuration  School configuration
    proxy home working  proxy school working