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On - Site

Site Structure

Four default sites plus one optional site with choice of apps on the homepage of each area.

School Office

Optional Extra Site


Full custom site structure to suit business data requirements.

Site names, apps and libraries will be designed to suit your chosen structure. 


Security Levels

Security is controlled independently for each site area. Users given access to a particular area will have contribute permissions.

Site owners can have access to manage permissions and change site structure.

Multiple levels of bespoke security allowing you to control exactly which users can access which resources

Active Directory Sync

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yes flatUsing Office 365 with AD Connect, users can have the same password to Office365 as they have locally on your network. This makes managing accounts, passwords, and security easier for your administrator particularly with large scale sites.

Workflows & Automation

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Workflows are ideal for automating processes to save valuble time.Common examples are policy approvals, form submissions, leave requests etc.


Document Templates

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Standardise important documents with templates for specific areas of your site.  This is ideal for documents which need completing with specific criteria. This is also useful to prevent duplicate versions of current forms being in place.

Custom Office 365 Branding

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Office 365 is customised to your branding using logos and colours on the navigation bar and main Office 365 login page

On Site Training

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Training for your staff on how to use and manage the site at a time convenient to you.

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Training for your staff on how to use and manage the site at a time convenient to you.