Last Updated: 03-10-2018

Open your web browser and go to Sign in with your Office 365 username and password.

Sign In to Office 365


Click on the Cog Wheel in the top right hand corner to access your Settings.

office 365 settings


Click on Mail under Your App Settings

Mail Settings


Select Email signature under Mail > Layout in Options

email signature


Create your signature in the box. Select any of the options about automatically including your signature as required. When you are happy with your signature click Save
Now test sending some e-mails to check your signature looks as it should

outlook email signature 05



 If you want to create a signature with a relatively complex layout including pictures then you will be best to create a table to hold the different parts of the signature and allow you to format them independently of each other.

add a table to a signature


If you want to stop the gridlines of a table from showing, right click within the table to access more options. Then select Style > Clear

set table style