Last updated: 19-10-2018

With the OneDrive Sync Client, you can sync files between your computer and the cloud, so you can get to your files from anywhere. You can work with your synced files directly in File Explorer and access your files even when you’re offline. Whenever you’re online, any changes that you or others make will sync automatically.

This article describes how to setup the OneDrive Sync Client, sign in with your school account, and get started with syncing your OneDrive. Once you have the client installed and working, you can also sync SharePoint document libraries

You can also read Microsoft's documentation on the OneDrive Sync Client if the information you require isn't covered by this article.

Click on the Windows logo button and scroll down your list of apps until you see One Drive. Click on One Drive.

N.B. Do not click on One Drive for Business. This is the previous generation One Drive sync client.

If you are not using Windows 10, you can download the latest OneDrive Sync client from here 

 StartMenu - OneDrive

The Set up OneDrive wizard will start.

Enter your Office 365 user credentials and click Sign in





If you've setup OneDrive before then File Explorer will open and just display your OneDrive files in the local location on your device. If you would now like to sync some SharePoint document libraries in addition to your OneDrive, please see

If you need to add another account to your OneDrive, for example if you've already set it up to sync personal OneDrive, but now want to add a School account, then please see How to Manage your OneDrive Client Settings below, to see how to add another account. Then come back to this step to continue with the setup of that account

 OneDrive Setup - Enter Username

You will see what the location for your OneDrive folder will be. This is a location on your device that files will be synchronised to and from your OneDrive in Office 365.

Unless you have some exceptional reason for needing to change this location, please leave as the default.

Click Next

 onedrive setup - local folder location

Choose which files and folders you want to synchronise to your device that you currently have in your Office 365 OneDrive.

Click Next





Obviously, if you have not been using OneDrive via a web browser, then you may have nothing to synchronise at this stage. Don't worry, as once you have the client on your device then you can start to transfer all the files that you have stored locally on your device or on a server in your school or office up to Office 365. Then they'll be available from anywhere.

N.B. There will probably 2 or 3 default folders that OneDrive creates automatically (e.g. Attachments). Just leave the default settings for these.


 onedrive setup - select folders to sync

Click Open my OneDrive folder

If a web browser opens at this point giving you some tips about OneDrive you can just close it.

 OneDrive Setup - Open your OneDrive Folder

File explorer will open to the location of your local OneDrive folder.

You will also see that down the left hand side of File Explorer there is a link so that you can easily access your OneDrive folder. Your work or school files appear under OneDrive - CompanyName.

 OneDrive Client - view your files


 How to Manage your OneDrive Client Settings 


You now have a new blue cloud icon in your notification area and your files are synced to your computer. Your blue cloud icon will appear as OneDrive – [YourTenantName] when you hover over the icon. OneDrive Sync Client Cloud Icon

Click this icon to see the current state of the OneDrive Sync client, and to manage your OneDrive Sync Client.

You'll see the most recent files to have synchronised. You can click on:

Open folder - to open your OneDrive folder in File Explorer and get access to your files.

View Online - to access your OneDrive via a web browser. In other words access your files directly in the cloud.

More - to access more options.

If you want to manage your OneDrive Client settings, then click on Settings

OneDrive Sync Client Menu

If you would like to add another account to sync, for example a personal OneDrive account, then click On the Account tab, click Add an Account. You will now repeat the same process for adding another account as you did for your first account, as detailed previously.

If you would like to change the folders that you are synchronising, click on the Account tab, then click Choose Folders. You will now be able to select different folders for synchronisation.

When you have completed making your changes, click OK.

OneDrive Sync Client Settings