Last Updated: 19-10-2018

If you have setup the OneDrive Sync Client, you can also use it to sync any SharePoint libraries that you have access to. This can make working with files that are stored in SharePoint much easier, especially if you having to work with e-mail attachments.

This article shows you how you can synchronise a SharePoint library with your local PC in a few simple steps. You may also want to check out the following articles as well:


Login to Office 365 and go to the SharePoint Library that you want to sync

Click on the Sync button on the menu bar for your chosen Document library

sharepoint library sync
 Click on Sync now sharepoint library syncnow
You may be prompted to Open Microsoft OneDrive

Tick the box to remember your choice for Microsoft OneDrive links.

Click Open Microsoft OneDrive

 onedrive links prompt

If you are already signed into OneDrive, you should just see a pop-up telling you that your documents are being synced to the PC.

If you were not signed in you may be prompted to sign in. Do so and the sync will then begin.

 sharepoint onedrive sync confirmation

You will now find another link in your file explorer that represents your organisation - it will display Your Organisation's Name

Underneath that will be a sub-folder for each library that you have chosen to sync.

If you have Files on Demand enabled, you will notice that the status for each file and folder is "Online Only" (cloud symbol). This means "Show you what you have in OneDrive and SharePoint, but only download files when you use them"

 sharepoint library link file explorer
When you double click on a file to use it,  it will be downloaded there and then, and locally cached for future use. It will only turn back into an 'online only' file, if disk space becomes low, and some space needs clearing to allow for other filers to be downloaded.  sharepoint files in file explorer
If you want to make sure a file or folder is always available offline, right click the file and select  Always keep on this device  always keep on device

You will now see that the Status has changed to a solid green circle indicating "Always keep on this device". You will also see that there is a tick beside 'Always keep on this device' on the context menu. If you click Always keep on this device again it will clear that tick and the status will change to a clear green circle containing a green tick, meaning the file is 'locally available'. That means it is cached and available offline, but it might be removed if free disk space gets low.

If you want to make a file 'online only' again, click on Clear space. The status symbol will change to a blue outline of a cloud

 clear space