Further to our previous communications, we can confirm that the removal of full Egress accounts previously provided by NYCC to Schools has been completed.

Customers of Schools ICT will now have Office 365 built in encryption to be able to create and send secure encrypted emails.

Please follow the below instructions for individual system instructions on its use.


NYCC services will continue to send encrypted emails to schools using Egress. We have received a number of queries from Schools that they are now unable to access emails sent by NYCC services when those NYCC staff send encrypted emails using Egress.

We can confirm that although schools will no longer be able to create and send encrypted emails using the full version of Egress that was provided by NYCC, schools will still be able to receive, open and respond to Egress emails sent by NYCC (and any other organisation) via the free version of Egress.

If a school had a full Egress account previously provided by NYCC you will not lose access to the free version to open encrypted emails sent by NYCC Services to those account name eg. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your accounts will not be deleted, so if you had a NYCC provided account previously you will not lose access to it and will still be able to retrieve emails using the free version.

However, following the recent decommissioning of the full Egress accounts previously provided by NYCC, we are aware that some schools are having problems accessing the free versions of their Egress accounts. We are aware there are schools who do not know their login information. In most cases this is because the original account was set up by a past member of staff, and current staff do not know the answers to the security questions in order to regain access.

Unfortunately Schools ICT are unable to reset passwords for Egress accounts so direct contact with Egress will be necessary to enable access to the free accounts. Some schools may need to sign up to new free Egress accounts to receive them.

We strongly advise that you get in touch with Egress immediately if you are unable to access your free accounts. Access to the Egress support centre can be found here: https://supportcentre.egress.com/s/

Where schools create and send secure emails to NYCC corporate email users using O365 encryption the northyorks.gov.uk recipients will need to follow the necessary process to open encrypted emails.