If you are trying to attach a file from SharePoint, rather than OneDrive or your local computer please see How to attach a file from Classic SharePoint to an e-mail in Outlook .

If you want to share a file with someone directly from OneDrive or SharePoint then please see How to Share a File or Folder Directly from SharePoint or OneDrive

In Outlook there are two seperate ways of attaching a file to an email. You can either Share the file with someone or Attach a copy. 

  1. Go into the Mail app in Office 365 and begin to compose a message.
  2. Click the attach button.
  3. Click Cloud Locations.
  4. Select OneDrive to show your files in your OneDrive. 
  5. Find the file and select the check box next to it
  6. Press Next at the bottom
  7. When you press next, it will prompt you with two choices, either Share as a OneDrive Link or Attach as a copy
    1. Share as a OneDrive Link will share the file with your recipients, so they can edit the original. You can change permissions before you send it.
    2. Attach as copy will attach a seperate version of the file that the user will be able to edit but it will not affect the original file.
  8. Once you have pressed your choice, it will attach the file. The icon on the file will change depending on your choice in step 7
  9. I you have selected Share as a OneDrive Link, you can click the drop down arrow and select Change Permissions
  10. Select the permission you want to apply and click OK
  11. If you want change anything else about your attachment, just click the drop down arrow on the attached file and select how you want to change the attachment.


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Share as a OneDrive Link Attach as a copy