This article shows you how to:

1. Access a calendar that has been shared with you

2. Share your calendar with other people


How to access a Shared Calendar


You will receive an e-mail telling you that someone has shared their calendar with you.

Click Accept

 share calendar 10

The link in the e-mail will change to View. 

Click View to add the calendar

 share calendar 11

The calendar will be automatically added to your list of calendars, under the heading Peoples Calendars. You will be able to see the events from this calendar overlayed with the events in your own main calendar. Just clcik on the name of the calendar to turn on and off whether the events from that calendar are displayed or not.

 share calendar 12
 If you've removed a shared calendar from your list of calendars and you would like to add it again, then so long as you know the name of the account to which the calendar belonged then you can add it again by doing the following:

To add a calendar from the directory click Add from Directory

Type the name of the person, group or resource that you want to view the calendar for.

Choose what group to add the calendar to and click Add

 add a calendar 04


Sharing a calendar with other company users


Sign into Office 365 and open the Outlook web app  share calendar 01
Click Calendar from the bottom bar  share calendar 02

Under My Calendars in the left hand side navigation pane click the 3 dots (...) beside the calendar that you want to share.

Click Sharing and Permissions

For instructions on how to create extra calendars that are separate from your main calendar and that you can then share with other users without having to share your own schedule please see Adding Extra Calendars

 share calendar 03
Type the name of the person you want to share the calendar with and click the name to select it.  share calendar 04

With the user selected, from the drop down list choose the level of detail that you want to share, or even if you want to allow the other user to be able to edit the calendar.

Click Share

 share calendar 05
The user will now be listed in Sharing and Permissions along with the level of sharing you have granted.  share calendar 06
If you want to share the calendar with another user just start typing another name and repeat the above procedure  share calendar 07

Once you have shared the calendar with all the users that you want to just click the cross in the top right of the Sharing and Permissions dialog box to close it

That's it. You've shared your calendar.

An e-mail will be sent to the selected users to tell them the calendar has been shared with them and allow them to easily add the calendar to their calendars.

 share calendar 08

If you want to remove a user from having access to a calendar, or change the permissions they have, just click the 3 dots (...) beside the calendar again and once more click Sharing and Permissions

To remove a user, click the 'dustbin' beside the user name that you want to remove.

To alter permissions just click on the drop down list of permissions for a particular user and choose the new level. An email will be sent to the user informing of the changes.

 share calendar 09



Sharing a Calendar with a Group

To Share Calendars with a Group of users you need to create a Security Group (Distribution groups DO NOT work) in the Exchange Admin Center. You will need to contact the support helpdesk if you want a Security group creating for you.

Create a Security group (Either static or dynamic) and add the users you want to access the calendar.