There are a number on tasks email users can complete before their mailboxes are backed up and moved to a new Office 365 Tenancy, these task should speed up the transfer process.

All three processes are recommended to speed up the migration of the mailbox.

  1. Clear Junk Folder
  2. Clear other email folders
  3. Empty the Deleted items

Login in to your Office 365 account and view your email -

Clear the Junk Folder

  1. Under folders click More
  2. In the full email folder list - select Junk Email
  3. Check you Junk email folder and if appropriate - right click on the folder and select Empty folder - This will remove all Junk email.
  4. Or Delete Junk email manually and move non-junk email to appropriate folders, by selecting Move to a different folder… and selecting a folder and or identify the email as not junk by selecting - Mark as not junk.


Clear other email folders

  1. Go through your inbox, Clutter folder and Sent Items and if there are emails you do not require please delete.


Empty the Deleted Items

  1. In the full email list select Deleted Items
  2. Right click on Deleted Items and select Empty folder - this will clear all your mail items from the Deleted Items folder.