How do I export my calendar from Microsoft Office 365?

If you would like to import your calendar into another account, for example if you are migrating to a new Office 365, you will need to first export it from Microsoft Office 365:

Log into your 365 e-mail account (

Click the Settings cog in the top right  export cal 01
Click View All outlook settings  export cal 02
Click Calendar > Shared Calendars  export cal 03

Under the "Publish Calendar" section select the calendar that you would like to export and give "Can view all details" permission

Click Publish

 export cal 04

Click the ICS link.

This will download the ICS file needed

 export cal 05


How do I import my calendar into Microsoft Office 365?

You must first have exported the calendar you want to import as a .ics file, and saved it to your computer (as above)

Log into your 365 e-mail account (

Select calendar icon

to go to Calendar.

 import cal 01
In the navigation pane, click Add Calendar  import cal 02

Click Upload from file

Click Browse

 import cal 03
Locate the .ICS file you downloaded, select it and click Open  import cal 04

Select the calendar you want to import all the calendar events into.

If you just want to import all the events into your main calendar, select Calendar.

Click Import

 import cal 05
Your calendar will be imported  import cal 06