Click here to watch a video on how to upload files and folders to OneDrive

This article will explain how to take your first steps with OneDrive, namely:

Open OneDrive in Office 365

Open your web browser and go to Sign in with your Office 365 username and password.

office365 sign in

Click on the App Launcher (9 dots top left hand side), and then click on OneDrive. This will open OneDrive.

onedrive appsmain



Move files from your computer into OneDrive

To upload files from your computer and start storing them in OneDrive, click Upload. Choose whether you want to upload Files or Folders. Alternatively you can just drag and drop files or folders into the OneDrive window, for example from your computer desktop. 

onedrive upload btn

Select the files or folders you want to upload. Select Open or Select Folder. Note that you can select multiple files to upload in one go, but you can only select and upload one folder at a time. 

onedrive select files upload onedrive select folder upload


Your files are now stored in OneDrive. You can delete them from your local computer, and now you will be able to access them from anywhere you can get a web connection and login to Office 365

onedrive files folders example


Organise those files in OneDrive

Now that your files are in One Drive you can manage them just as you would on your computer.You can move, copy, rename and delete them, and organise them into folders.

To manage a file or folder, click on the 3 vertical dots (Show actions) at the right hand side of a file or folder name. Then choose your action.

onedrive showactions file


If you want to perform the same action on multiple files or folders, first select them by clicking in the circle that appears to the left hand side of a file or folder name when you hover your mouse over it. This will turn the circle blue with a tick in it, and the file will remain selected, even when you click on another file. You can then do the same to other files you want to select. Once you have selected all the file and folders that you want to manage, click on the 3 verrtical dots (Show actions) at the right hand side of one of the selected file or folder names. Then choose your action.

onedrive showactions multiple files


Alternatively, when you select a file or folder (turn the circle blue beside it) you will see the top menu bar change and display the different acctions that you can perform. Just click on the action you wish to carry out.

onedrive selected filefolder topmenu actions


 If you need to create a new folder to put some files into, click on New in the top menu bar. From the drop down list, click Folder.

onedrive create new folder


Type in a Name for your folder. Click Create

onedrive new folder name


You will now have a new folder displayed in your OneDrive. You can move files or other folders into this folder as you wish. Note that new files and folders are highlighted by having little blue lines beside the top left of their name.

onedrive new folder display


To learn more, why not check out Microsoft's OneDrive video trainingOneDrive video training