Saving your files to One Drive is a really good idea because it means that you can get to them from anywhere and they are backed up if anything goes wrong with your computer. Folder Protection is a new feature for the OneDrive Sync Client that makes it easier than ever to move your most important folders, namely Documents, Pictures and Dekstop, into OneDrive and keep them protected.

Please note that to use Folder Protection:

  • You need to be running the OneDrive Sync Client that synchronises your files between OneDrive and local PC, and makes them availble to you even when your computer is not connected to the internet.
  • If your Documents folder is currently redirected to a server in your school (e.g. to your H:drive), then Folder Protection will not work. You will need to check with Schools ICT if you would still like to get folder protection enabled. Schools ICT technicians can use this more in depth One Drive - Folder Protection article to better understand what can be done.

How to Set Up Folder Protection

You may automatically receive a prompt to setup folder protection. If you do, just click on Start Protection or Protect These Folders to get the process underway. However, if you have already dismissed the prompt, or just want to get things underway manually, do the following: 

Select the white or blue cloud icon in the Windows notification area, and then in the activity center, select More  OneDrive Sync Client Settings
Click Auto-Save > Update Folders   Auto-Save settings

In the Set up protection of important folders dialog box, make sure the folders that you want to protect are selected.

Click Start Protection

 Protect Folders
You can close the dialog box while your files sync to OneDrive. Or, to watch your files sync, select View sync progress. View Sync Progress 
When the files finish syncing to OneDrive, they're protected and you can access them from anywhere in Documents, Desktop, or Pictures. The green tick or blue cloud indicate protection is in place. When you protect your Desktop folder, the items on your desktop roam with you to your other PC desktops where you're running OneDrive.  Protected Folders


For a bit more information on Folder Protection, including how to change any settings or reasons for any errors you might get when trying to enable folder protection, please see this Microsft support article - Sync your Documents, Pictures, and Desktop folders with OneDrive.