This article will show you how to migrate files from your existing OneDrive to a new OneDrive. You might need to do this if your school decides to give you a new 'school federation' e-mail address in the Office 365 tenancy of one of the schools in your federation, but your original login, and OneDrive, is in the other school's Office 365.



Download Files from your Existing OneDrive

Login to Office 365 and go into your OneDrive  OneDrive Migrate Web 01

Select all the Files and Folders that you want to migrate

Click Download

 OneDrive Migrate Web 02

The files and folders will download as a .ZIP file. It will be named

Go to your Downloads folder and find the downloaded Zip file

 OneDrive Migrate Web 03
Right-click on the file and click Extract All…  OneDrive Migrate Web 04
 Click Extract  OneDrive Migrate Web 05

 The contents of the zip file will be extracted into your downloads folder, as a folder named OneDrive_1_date-of-download.

You now have a copy of all your OneDrive files on your computer.

 OneDrive Migrate Web 06


You are now ready to upload these files into your new OneDrive. There are 2 different ways you can do this:

  1. Direct upload to OneDrive on the web - good if you only have a small amount of files to upload.
  2. Upload using the OneDrive Sync Client - good for when you have a lot of files and folders that you need to upload


Direct Upload 

Log into your other/ new OneDrive.

Click Upload > Folder

OneDrive Migrate Web 07

Browse to your Downloads\OneDrive_1_date-of-download folder you extracted

Select a folder from this to upload

Click Upload

OneDrive Migrate Web 16
If prompted, confirm the Upload OneDrive Migrate Web 17

The folder will be uploaded. Click on the folder to see its contents

Repeat to upload more folders


OneDrive Migrate Web 18
If you need to upload any files that aren't contained in a folder, just select Files from the upload menu. OneDrive Migrate Web 19

You can now select multiple individual files.

Click Open


OneDrive Migrate Web 20
The files will be uploaded to your OneDrive OneDrive Migrate Web 21

 Once you have migrated your files, if you would like to start syncing your new OneDrive to your computer, so you can work on your OneDrive files as though they are held locally on your computer, please see OneDrive - How to Setup the OneDrive Sync Client for instructions on how to set that up.


OneDrive Sync Client 

Sign into your new Office 365 account, and open OneDrive  OneDrive Migrate Web 01

Click Sync

If prompted confirm you are happy for the site to open Microsoft OneDrive

 One Drive Migrate Client 01
Click Sign in  One Drive Migrate Client 02

Enter the login details for your new Office 365 account

Click Sign in

 One Drive Migrate Client 03
Click Next on the following few screens that tell you about using the OneDrive Sync client  One Drive Migrate Client 04
Click Open my OneDrive folder  One Drive Migrate Client 05

The OneDrive folder for your new account will now open on your PC. It will be empty for a brand new OneDrive that you have not used.


 OneDrive Migrate Client 15

You can now move files that you downloaded into this OneDrive folder. They will then begin to sync up to your new OneDrive.

Just select the files and folders that you downloaded earlier and that you want to upload into your new OneDrive.

Drag and Drop your selected files into your new OneDrive.

This will quickly MOVE the files into the OneDrive sync folder on your computer, and these will then be sync'ed up to your OneDrive in Office 365 in the background.

If you have a lot of files it may take quite a long time to sync, but don't worry. The client will keep working away in the background until all the files have been uploaded.

In the meatime you can get on with working, and even turn off your computer. The newxt time you start it up the sync will pick up from where it left off.

Just remember that until the sync is complete you won't see all the files when looking at your OneDrive on the web.

 OneDrive Migrate Client 16