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Census Spring 2017 - Known issues

Error code 9999

There is currently a known issue affecting Primary Schools with a Governance of Voluntary Aided, Foundation or Academy.  These schools are getting error code 9999 along with the message "Module is missing.  Software issue - contact your support organisation".  This fault code is being incorrectly triggerred.  Please see the latest on this below:

The DfE have now informed us that they will be correcting their COLLECT validation, but not their school validation.  You should note that we have made it clear to the DfE that we are happy to revise our Fileset at any point to deal with DfE mistakes and that we believe that their correction of their mistakes in COLLECT validation but not in school validation creates an unnecessary burden for schools

If you have received this fault code and you are a school with a Governance of voluntary aided, foundation or academy please authorise and return your Census file with this error included.  The error will not show when it is uploaded to COLLECT and capita are not releasing a new Fileset to clear this error.  If you are receiving any other fault codes, these will need to be cleared before authorising and sending your Census return up to county.

Queries 564Q and 566Q 

In relation to this error (9999) you might also get queries 564Q and 566Q which state "Please check: Primary admission appeals figures should be provided and greater than 0" as well as "Please check: Infant admissions appeals figures have not been provided".  These queries seem to be triggering incorrectly.  Please ensure you have correctly filled in the admissions appeals area of the census return.  if you still receive these queries, please authorise the census return with these queries included and confirm that you've had no admission appeals and the data is correct.  

Query Code 1601Q

Schools who take on very young pupil's may receive the query 1601Q.  The details of this query are as follows:

1601Q - Please check: Pupil's age is out of range for school Type.  Check the pupil/student's date of birth in the basic panel on the Pupil Detail page.  Amend the pupil/student's date of birth, if incorrect.  

The school type is likely to be "infant and junior 5 - 11".  The pupil's affected will be 2 year olds and in the year group E2.  The census return might list the pupil's as 1 year olds and this relates to their age on 31/08/2016.  This query is fine as long as the school have had approval to take those very young pupils.  Please confirm you are happy with these queries when you authorise the Census return and send it with these queries included. 

Filset 502

Please ensure you have imported Fileset 502 onto your SIMS system using the instructions provided in this link: http://www.schoolsict.co.uk/support/sims/census/1717-sims-spring-2017-census-fileset-502 Initially fileset 501 was released by Capita (as mentioned in the Census documentation) but this was quickly replaced by 502.  If you have imported 501, you will still need to import 502. Without fileset 502 imported, you will receive the census error "1846 - Early years pupil premium must be recorded for all 3 year olds"

Table 19 of the Census Summary Report

The DfE have acknowledged that their calculation of the percentage of pupils who are persistent absentees (i.e. over absence rate of 10% or more) is incorrect and should be ignored.

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