Autumn 2017 CENSUS Information

The Census Helpdesk will be available from 09:00 to 16:30 on Census Day.  The number is 0844 875 3922.

The normal Schools ICT Helpdesk will also be available on 01609 536086

 Latest Fileset 704 for SIMS Census

To import the fileset please follow the instructions below:

Right click on the file below and choose Save Target As (might be different depending on which browser you are using). Save this file to anywhere on your machine, we would suggest J:\SIMSData\Inbox although it might automatically save to your downloads folder. 

 zipFileset 704

 Find the saved zipped folder on your machine, right click on the zipped folder and choose Extract All.

In SIMS go to Tools > Setups > Import Fileset
At the end of the 'choose Fileset' box click on the little yellow browse folder and navigate to your Fileset. You will need to open the unzipped folder then choose the Fileset from here. The filename will be 0704-StatutoryReturns-Autumn2017_Fileset.mfs and will be the only file showing in the folder. Click on this file then choose OK.
Once selected click Import Fileset.

You will now see a message which reads "Import successful. Please close and re-open it." At this point, please close out of SIMS and log back in. You are now ready to start your Census return.

When you load the Census screen by going to Routines > Statutory returns > School Census, you should see the correct Fileset number (704) at the top of the screen.

 Autumn 2017 CENSUS Documentation

If you are looking for the Autumn 2017 CENSUS Documentation, please Login and then visit “Latest News” where you will find the required information.

Autumn 2017 - CENSUS Fileset

SIMS Users Only - please note that Fileset 704 is the latest version. If you are on Fileset 704, this is fine and you are able to continue with the Census return.

Planned Security Update: Downtime Expected for Cirrus Cloud Servers

Beginning next week, our server providers will be performing routine security updates to our Cloud Servers. These security updates are necessary to ensure our servers are protected from known security vulnerabilities. This means our servers will experience downtime whilst these updates are performed, downtime is estimated to be 1 hour or less. This will mean, if hosting a website with us, the site will be offline during this time.

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to give you an exact timeframe when the necessary security updates will be applied. This will only be determined by our supplier immediately before the update. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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