At Schools ICT we highly recommend using You Tube video service as they are the leading supplier of video technology.

  1. To do this you should create a You Tube account using your E-mail (such as admin@)
  2. Once logged in , in the top right hand corner click upload . This will allow you to upload Videos onto your account in nearly all file formats.
  3. Set the video as unlisted
  4. Once the video is uploaded you will need a copy of the link - this can be found by clicking Share under the video and will look like this ;
  5. Embed the video into your web page :
    • ### Within Joomla use the Media manager icon to load the embed options
    • ### Within Web Presence builder drag and drop the Embedded Video module to the page you would like the video to appear (remember to place it in the green content area).
  6. In the Link to video box, paste your YouTube link and click OK.

Why Should I use YouTube ?

  • You Tube Will automatically format the video and optimise it for web viewing.
  • You Tube will allow you to list the video privately
  • You Tube connects into Web Presence Builder seamlessly using the You Tube module and the link to the video
  • Uploading to YouTube will save you valuable web storage space (as videos ar large) and bandwidth

I have Privacy Concerns ?

In terms of Privacy You Tube is owned by Google (the world's leading search engine) so any video posted to your website will be equally "searchable" as it is on YouTube. Once the video is in the public domain it is free for all to see. You can set video settings to "unlisted" which will stop the video appearing in YouTube Results.

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