1. Download the Filezilla client application from here (be sure to download the client software) : FileZilla_3.7.3_win32-setup.exe

    Fielzilla client (https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?show_all=1)

  2. Run the Filezilla setup utility, FileZilla_3.7.3_win32-setup.exe. You will have to agree to the license agreement before you can begin installation.
  3. Select the standard installation type, and choose the folder you would like Filezilla to be installed to.
  4. Complete the installation
  5. Run Filezilla
  6. Once the sfotware opens you will see the following screen


  1. To connect to the Schools ICT cirrus servers click File - Site Manager
  2. When the Site Manager pop up windows opens select New Server

    filezilla manager
  3. Complete the details as follows :
    1. Host - your school domain (ie manfield.n-yorks.sch.uk)
    2. Protocol - SFTP
    3. Logon Type - normal
    4. User - username supplied by Schools ICT
    5. Password - password supplied by Schools ICT



If you cannot connect to our servers it maybe that Smoothwall is blocking the connection on port 22, please contact Schools ICT who will be albe to configure your Smoothwall for SFTP access


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