Nationally there is a shortage of Teachers, this has been recognised by the Government who are trying to encourage more people to train to be teachers.

In North Yorkshire it is becoming increasingly difficult to find talented teachers and in line with national trends, Secondary Maths, English and Science teachers are becoming very hard to recruit.

Schools can help themselves to attract high quality applicants through their recruitment practice and this includes having a dedicated page on the school website for Vacancies or Recruitment. This page will differ from other pages in that the audience is potential job applicants, not parents or community, so it should be written in a candidate focussed way.


The following are top tips for schools to consider when planning a new website, or an upgrade to an existing website;


  1. Ensure the Vacancies / Recruitment page is easy to find from the Home page, preferably with a tab visible on the main menu page.
  2. The Vacancies page should include content about the benefits of working for your school, even if there are no vacancies at the present time. Benefits could include; CPD opportunities, resources/equipment at school, mentoring, career progression opportunities, supportive team, local environment and surroundings and nearby leisure activities, collaborative working with other schools etc.
  3. The Vacancies page should include details of how easy the school is to access e.g. we are situated only 2 miles from the A64 providing easy access from York and Scarborough.
  4. Use the Vacancies page as an opportunity to showcase any Awards, Charter Marks, Accreditations or recognition that the School has achieved e.g. Sportsmark, Artsmark, NPQH Leadership Development, Healthy Schools, Careers Guidance Quality Mark. Alternatively these could be detailed on a separate page with a link on the Vacancies page to the Accreditations page.
  5. Include positive quotes from Teachers and Students to ‘personalise’ the site and make it seem welcoming and approachable.
  6. Include positive quotes from the most recent Ofsted report to demonstrate recognition of good practice. If your School Requires Improvement you could frame this in a positive way by inviting candidates to ‘take up the challenge to……’.
  7. If your school does not have vacancies at the present time a message should be included on the Vacancies page to advise candidates ‘There are no vacancies at the present time’ and to thank them for looking and invite them to re-visit the site soon.
  8. Include contact details on the Vacancies page, encouraging prospective applicants to call and ask questions, even when the school doesn’t have vacancies. This makes your school seem welcoming and encouraging.
  9. Add a strapline to your Vacancies page that references North Yorkshire’s dedicated teacher recruitment website ‘For more information about living and teaching in North Yorkshire please visit

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