Last updated: 09/09/2014

These instructions are written for Windows 7 using IE11. If you choose to use Firefox as your web browser you may find the exact login procedure will differ slightly from that below.


1. Open Internet Explorer and enter the web address for your school's remote access web page.

This will be:

You should see a webpage similar to that shown.




2. The first time you connect you may receive a prompt to run the following add-on: "Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Web Access Con…" from Microsoft Corporation.

Click Allow




3. Enter your Domain\User Name This will be the word "school" followed by a back slash "\" followed by your usual username that you use at school.

So if your username is smithj, you will enter school\smithj - as shown in the example opposite

Enter your Password. This is your normal password that you use at school .

If you are using a shared computer, check the radio button beside This is a public or shared computer

If you are using a private computer that is not shared then you can check the radio button beside This is a private computer

Click Sign in



4. Click on the shortcut of the program you want to start




5. Click Connect. Your program will then start.

If you are using a private computer (i.e. you checked the radio button beside "This is a private computer" when logging in) then you will have the option to tick a box beside Don't ask me again for remote connections from this publisher.

This will stop the prompt appearing in future when starting programs