Last updated: 04/10/2018

How to change your Internet Explorer home page

Start Internet Explorer. On Windows 10 you can type Internet Explorer into the Seach box on the task bar.

Click on the COG in the top right hand corner of the browser window, and then select Internet options


NOTE: If you do not have access to Internet options please contact your Network Manager or your service support provider.
If you service support provder is Schools ICT please ring 01609 536086 and select Option 1

In the Internet Options dialog box, change the home page to whatever you want. In this example we change it to

Click Ok at the bottom of the page

Back in Internet Explorer click the home button home

Bing will be displayed



How to Change the Default Search Provided

The default search provider is the provider Internet Explorer uses when you type a search in the address bar

In Internet Explorer, click on the COG and select Manage Add-ons

In the Manage Add-ons dialog box, select Search Providers under Add-on Types

Select your prefered seach provider and then at the bottom of the dialog box select Set as default. In this example we select Bing

NOTE: Once you have a set a default you have the option to remove the other search providers.

Click Close