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George Tyson, School improvement Service, blogs about our forthcoming EdTech conference.

The world is changing, and technology is changing with it. It seems recent to us adults when we think about the launch of the original iPhone, in 2007, however this means that no child in our primary schools today have experienced life before iPhones! As another example, every student in school today will have been born into a world containing both Xboxes and Playstations (launched in 2001 and 1995 respectively).

Technology has therefore been at the forefront of life for an entire generation now, with schools and education adapting in parallel with the technology. From BBC’s and BASIC programming, TV trolleys and dot matrix printers we have come a long way. ICT as a subject took its last breath in 2014, being replaced by Computing as a subject in the National Curriculum, and educational technology has moved with the times too. We now have suites of online resources designed to help learners that are only a click or two away, or with a swipe of your finger you can navigate to any destination and see a view of that street in seconds! How will this influence learning and teaching in North Yorkshire?

On 28th November, we look to answer that question by bringing current and developing educational technologies to Harrogate, in the Great North Yorkshire EdTech Show- we will showcase what’s out there and identify how it can support schools and learners in this modern age.

We will look at the intent of edtech, how can it be used and integrated to improve outcomes for young people. We will describe and introduce how to implement an effective use of educational technology in our schools, and we will demonstrate the impact various products can have for both pupils and teachers alike. These three words: Intent, Implementation and Impact, are key terms used by Ofsted and they are key priorities for us to ensure schools will benefit most from the edtech on offer.

Come along and join us for a celebration of all things EdTech.

Register for your free place via NYES SLA Online.

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