In consultation with the DfE, SIMS now has a range of attendance subcodes which can be applied to the AM/PM session marks I (illness) and X, to enable schools to record additional COVID-19 reasons regarding a pupil/student’s absence.

An example of every Attendance Report available in SIMS is given, together with the route from which to find it, and in which particular circumstances it might be useful, e.g. for Ofsted.

pdfSIMS Attendance Reports Catalogue22/06/2016, 13:33

The following article explains how to bring pupils into edit marks when they aren't showing from their date of admission.

pdfSIMS Attendance - Pupil not showing in Edit Marks10/02/2016, 14:49

If a pupil has left the school and you’ve made them a “Leaver” in SIMS prior to completing their attendance records, you can still edit their attendance for when they were at school.  Use the following instructions to do this. 

pdfSIMS Attendance - Editing attendance marks for a leaver10/02/2016, 15:21

Your MIS system SIMS is able to produce registers that can be printed for the purpose of recording pupils attendance. The authority is looking to achieve up to a £6000 saving by not ordering paper registers. To support schools to run reports in SIMS to create registers we have produced the following simple guidance notes.

pdfSIMS Attendance - Printing a Manual Register10/02/2016, 14:24