SIMS Summer Upgrade 2017 - SOLUS 3 Instructions

All schools should now be using SOLUS 3 to run SIMS upgrades. Please see the instructions below to manually run the SIMS upgrade if the system hasn't completed this automatically overnight (set to automatically update overnight on Tuesday 11th July).

IMPORTANT: SOLUS 3 should automatically deploy the update, therefore please check your SIMS version before manually running the update. To check the version of SIMS, login to SIMS and go to Help > About (click on the splash screen to close this down). If you are on version 7.176 then your system has automatically updated and you can skip to page 5 of the instructions.

pdfSIMS Summer 2017 Upgrade Notes

If SIMS is installed on the school server then please run the upgrade on the server this ensures that the system is updated on all SIMS workstations. Please ensure all users are logged out of SIMS before starting the upgrade.

If you have any questions regarding the SIMS upgrade or need some assistance, please contact the Schools ICT helpdesk and ask to speak to a member of the MIS team. Helpdesk number: 01609 536086