A safe way to send emails

From time to time schools are required to pass on personal pupil information via email to external agencies, other schools, parents, governors etc. The Schools ICT Secure Email Service is a way of sending emails by encrypting them so the information and any attachments are secure.

Our partner of choice is Egress Software Technologies - the leading provider of hosted and on premise encryption service.

The Egress Switch product is designed to secure all forms of electronic information and deliver to customers in the Public and Private Sectors the Switch platform.

Egress 3           

Egress Switch is fully integrated with Outlook part of the Microsoft Office 365 family.  

Encryption is simply initated with a number of prompt words in the title of the email. Including the word "[Secure]" means that inside NYCC the email will automatically decode and open, using the word “[Restricted]” the receiver would receve and email notification and be prompted to log into the Egress Switch portal to download the email. 

To read more about Egress Switch have a look at the following factsheet.  Just click on the image to open. 


Switch graphic

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