Please use the following instructions to export and import reports in SIMS.  You might need to do this in order to share a report with another school or use a report which has been provided by another school or Schools ICT. 

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Please find below the SIMS Personnel Reports we think you may find useful and instructions on how to import these into SIMS.

All the reports listed below (rptdef files) can be downloaded and imported into SIMS individually.

In addition, if you think you'd like all these reports, the last entry is a combination file which contains all of them, also an rptdef file. 

Importing reports into SIMS is described in this link.    Importing a Report into SIMS  This link also includes notes on how to create User Defined Fields and how to use them within the Single Central Record Report for e.g. Multiple roles.

Staff any Absences - can select date range, absence type, staff required

Staff any Checks expired

Staff Data Collection Sheet

Staff Home Address and Contact details

Staff Paid Authorised Absences

Staff SCR - one page per member of Staff

Staff SCR listing All Staff

Staff Sickness - historic & ongoing

Staff with 3+ Absences any kind

Staff with 3+ Absences - sickness only

Staff with 4+ Absences any kind

Staff with 4+ Absences - sickness only

All the above reports above are combined together below and can be imported into SIMS in one step. 

Staff Reports - all of the above


An example of every Attendance Report available in SIMS is given, together with the route from which to find it, and in which particular circumstances it might be useful, e.g. for Ofsted.

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Training Courses

training flat200

Our dedicated training facility is conveniently located in the main building at County Hall.

Training Courses

Office 365

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You might just know Office 365 as an e-mail system. But, believe me, it is so much more than that.

Office 365

Special Offers

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We like to strike a good deal with our suppliers and pass the savings on to schools. Visit our special offers pages for the latest deals.

Special Offers

MIS Services

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Intending to change your MIS supplier? The deadline is fast approaching. We need to know by the 31st January.

MIS Services