Framework Agreement Docs

Framework Agreement

This section contains a number of documents to help schools make informed decisions as to whether this framework will meet their needs.

Documents include:

  • User Guidance
  • Contractor’s Product Information Packs
  • The Consolidated Pricing Spreadsheets
  • The Evaluation Methodology
  • Contract award notice published on the Official Journal of the EU
  • The Tender Documentation as published on the Official Journal of the EU
User Guide
The User Guide provides an overview of the Framework and includes information on:
  • Suppliers Appointed To the Framework
  • Reasons for Using This Framework
  • Scope of Requirements
  • Accessing the Framework Agreement
  • Conducting a Further Competition
  • Managing the Framework
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Contractor’s Product Information Packs

The purpose of the Product Information Pack is to allow schools to make an informed decision as to whether they wish to procure a MIS or FAS product without the need for a further competition between the Contractors.

 pdfContractor’s Product Information Packs


  MIS Supplier Catalogues FAS Supplier Catalogues
  pdfBromcom Lots 1&2 pdfBromcom Lots 3&6
  pdfCapita Lots 1&2 pdfCapita Lots 3&4
  pdfPupil Asset Lots 1&2 pdfCapita Lots 5&6
  pdfRM Lots 1&2  pdfHCSS Lots 3&6
  pdfScholarPack Lot 1  pdfRM Lots 3&4
     pdfSage Lots 3&6


Pricing Documentation


 Call-Off Documentation 


Contract award notice published on the Official Journal of the EU

Tender Documentation outlining the scope of work and the selection criteria
Notice that was published on the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) to invite tenders for MIS FAS Framework

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